Why did you get into software engineering?

The software engineering field to me in the past has seemed like a career field that way too difficult for me to even attempt. The seed was planted when my wife got into computer science while she was working on her applied mathematics degree. She really enjoyed learning to code and building programs, the difference that convinced me was when she got her first job. As a back story we both went to culinary school and I was at the time still working in the Hospitality industry, which is not an industry known for work/life balance or high wages. The difference between how your treated and seen as an employee was almost shocking to me, it was so different from the hospitality industry. For about year I told myself, I want to do that, I should look into college programs or coding boot camps, but never did just leaving it as a someday dream. Recently my wife started teaching me in her free time, and at first felt completely over whelmed, but then I started to love it. The problem solving aspect of software development, challenges me in ways that I feel I’m really growing mentally. That is an aspect none of my previous jobs have had.

The journey officially began less than a month ago I had the confidence to apply for Flatiron School and was lucky enough to get in. Some of my goals in software development, outside of finding a career, are to build robots. I want to gain the knowledge to program small household robots as projects. I recently bought an arduino, which is an open-source electronics platform that is used to make interactive projects. My journey thus far has been short I’m writing this on my second day of the coding boot camp and just like when my wife and I started coding lessons I’m completely overwhelmed. But I know it will turn from overwhelming to joy…. Hopefully sooner than later.



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